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Marathons Abound! What You Could Be Watching This #Thanksgiving.

If football isn’t your thing and you’ve already watched the 87th Annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, check out a few marathons DCP will be attempting to catch to avoid helping in the kitchen.

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USA Cancels ‘Necessary Roughness’

According to TVLine, after three seasons, USA has decided to cancel Necessary Roughness.


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The Cougar Town star has landed a multi-episode arc on the final season of USA Network’s In Plain Sight, playing a single father who attempts to romance the U.S. Marshal before she crosses paths with her former fiancé Ralph (returning guest star Cristian de la Fuente), per

It should be interesting to see how USA is going to make these sitcoms work with their schedule of more action-packed one hour serials. It’s good that they are “expanding the network brand” like the article says. I hope they make these sitcoms at the same quality as the rest of their programming.


Psych, season 6 promo.

Just a few thoughts on this episode…

  • I thought Mary’s spiel about people and “rom coms” was so funny, especially with what she says about the movie stars on the movie poster and people hoping they’d get together…


(just thought that was funny. Granted it’s nowhere near rom com status but…)

  • I love Stan when he goes into “protective father” mode
  • Marshall’s reaction to that hostage simulation…priceless!
  • I honestly half expected to Marshall to say something completely different when he said “Mary, I need you to know something…”


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In Plain Sight airs Sundays at 10/9 c on USA