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Watch: Castle “That 70s Show” Promo

We’ve got about one more Monday to go before this last “brief” break is over and we head straight into the final four episodes of the season.

Watch: #Castle Promo “Deep Cover”

The hiatus ended with this week’s fiery and emotional startto the back end of the season, including two of New York’s finest, Esposito and Ryan getting trapped in a burning building while baby Ryan being introduced to the world. And, with the announced…

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Watch: #Castle 6x11 Promo

 After being given the gift of seeing everyone interact with an adorable baby and having Castle and Beckett talk about future children (seriously wonderful), we’ll be seeing another aspect of their relationship addressed…the media and the fact that it’s a…

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Watch: #Sherlock Lives!

BBC One put out a promo for Sherlock‘s third series over the weekend. And, I’m going to be honest, it’s been so long any footage we get I’m grateful for.


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Bones  promo (via TVLine)

Baby Bones/Booth makes her entrance April 2nd.


NCIS: LA 3x17 Promo (HD)


Castle 4X15 “Pandora” (Part 1 of 2) Promo

(via YouTube)

In Plain Sight Season 5 Promo

Comes back in March!

"Kill Shot" Castle promo

Airs Monday, November 21st at 10/9 c on ABC


Promo for “Cops and Robbers”. INTENSE.

I predict the 3XK treatment. No intro music. Just a slow fade.