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Hello all! I didn’t review last week because there was no way I would have been able to go about 200 words without using all caps for at least one sentence. But, here you go for this week! As always, spoilers ahead!

Halloween seems to have come a week early on television. And, this week’s Ghostbuster themed episode of Castle was only a sign of episodes to pop up the rest of the week. The body of the week was that of a famed ghost hunter found in a “haunted” mansion. Ghosts/demons were believed to play a role. As usual, Castle was the believer while Beckett played the skeptic, adding a bit of comedy at the precinct while they build theory leaving audiences with an alternative term, that I for one will definitely be using from now on, “Apparition American”. While there was an actual, physical murderer much to Castle’s dismay, catching the murderer proved to make it an interesting case and more emotional than any old holiday special episode.

There were moments outside of the case and the precinct that the audience got to see. We got some really good Esposito/Ryan scenes with the double date that took a turn for the end at the end.  It was adorable until the end of that scene and the audience sees that look on Lanie’s face, it was hilarious. I would have liked to see a little more but, hopefully this was just building up that storyline. We did get a funny Lanie scene and a nice “bromantic” moment at the mansion with Ryan and Esposito out of it. We also got to see more Castle family moments throughout this episode. Martha was hilarious as always with her own theory about the “haunted” mansion and we got to see more of Alexis and her long distance relationship with Ashley.

And, of course, it wouldn’t be a season four episode review if there wasn’t a level of analysis and discovering a parallel. The one I found was when Benton’s brother was talking about how he can remember precise details of the night he found out the woman he loved was murdered. He said something along the lines of “those details are burned in my brain. You don’t forget something like that.” I couldn’t help but take that quick shot to Beckett’s face and then to Castle’s as a nod to her own “memory issues”. I have to give it to Andrew W. Marlowe and the writers, they are brilliant.

And, that whole “making the impossible, possible” line was a tad bit cheesy but, fit the subject of relationships, because we know he couldn’t just be talking about Alexis and Ashley’s relationship.

Can’t wait for next week!

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